Sunday, 6 February 2011

Race Report no.2 - Cole Classic

Today I completed the Cole Classic 2011 in Manly. It was a stinking hot night last night and so we were all worried that we wouldn't sleep, I went to bed early, about 9:30pm, and next thing I knew my alarm was going off at 5:40am. After a breakfast of muesli and bananas we left for the trip over to the north of Sydney. We decided to park in the next suburb over and get a 10minute bus trip. It was a good plan as we got a parking place, didn't have to pay and the bus arrived quickly.

We met up with four friends that were swimming as well and dropped our bags into the drop off point. Put on some of the free sun screen and the timing chips on our ankles.

We made our way over to the starting beach while watching the elite goes start. Michael-clease was in the wave early so we waited on the beach while he went.

As the gun went off I was quite near the front, I regretted it straight away. I expected to be kicked and pushed a bit but it seemed to be never ending. There were two buoys to go round and I got in the rhythm I was hoping for  despite still being kicked. Part of the problem was I was quite slow and so I was nearer the people who kept switching to a bit of breast stroke. Breast stroke isn't a very sociable stroke, not stream-like like front crawl, lots of legs being flung out at the side!
The final buoy to the beach seemed a little more spread out so I wasn't getting hit quite so much. I felt good and tried to speed up. The waves got big and although they were pushing you in towards the shore I felt like I was being pulled back out a little after everyone. I finally made it to the edge of the water, stood up and ran along the beach to the finish line. Bearing in mind it was soft sand I felt pretty good running along it and as I passed the finish line I felt really good, much better than I usually do after a run.

I picked up my medal, a pear and a cup of water and met everyone else. The official times are not out yet but I think I did it in about 24minutes which I am pretty pleased with.

We went out for some eggs and a big coffee before the long drive home. Gotta say I really enjoyed the swim and am totally converted and already thinking about the next.

Michael-clease and I proudly with our medals